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Jolie criticized for being 'too white' Masteron Female Dosage to play Cleopatra in film

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Angelina Jolie draws criticism for being 'too white' to play Cleopatra in upcoming Scott Rudin film BY Meena Hartenstein

Image 4-clorodehidrometiltestosterona Foundry Studios; Winter/Getty Historians say Cleopatra probably looked more like this computer generated model (l.), than bombshell Angelina Oral Steroids Risks Jolie who is slated to play her in an upcoming film.

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but her "perfect" looks have some critics complaining she's all wrong for her latest role.

Earlier this month producer Scott Rudin got the Internet buzzing with his announcement that he was developing a Cleopatra biopic "for and with Jolie" based on Stacy Schiff's book "Cleopatra: A Life."

Schiff raved about the choice, telling USA Today, "Physically, she's the perfect look."

But some members of the African American community beg to differ they are outraged by the casting decision and say Jolie is "too white" to play the Egyptian Queen.

In 2007, she sparked serious controversy when she wore tinted make up to play the role of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl's wife Marian, who is partly of African descent. Pearl herself took to the press to defend Jolie, telling "Oxandrolone Powder India" Time Magazine, "It is not about the color of your skin. It is Proviron Euphoria about who you are."

While experts can't say with certainty what Cleopatra looked like, physically speaking, Jolie is probably not the most historically accurate choice. For starters, she's probably too tall, beautiful and skinny, according to what historians now know.

"Sadly for those who seek the secret of her personal allure, the more we study Cleopatra's surviving images, the less certain we may be of her [allegedly gorgeous] looks," Susan Walker, a senior curator at the British Museum, told the British Sunday Times.

In fact, , Egyptologists insist that "Acquistare Anadrol" the legendary temptress, known for having used her beauty to seduce Roman Emperor Julius Caesar and general Mark Anthony, was actually "short, fat and plain."

Despite the controversy, Jolie is still at least one fan's ideal choice to play the Queen.

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