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Kentucky Derby Festival vendors struggling amid foul weather

Karen Cox was working at a Chow Wagon stand that was selling popcorn, cotton candy, sno cones and other goodies on an overcast Wednesday.

But no one was in line at her booth as a wind swept across Waterfront Park. And customers were sparse at many other stands.

Cox said that despite the foul weather, "some people smell the sausage and the turkey legs on the grill and can't help themselves. We had some bad weather last year, too. It's good to see at least a few brave souls."

Bridget Corbin, who had come up from Florida to work at a stand selling turkey legs, confided "business is terrible."

The Chow Wagon, like many other Kentucky Derby Festival attractions, is feeling the effects of a wet and at times windy and cool weather pattern.

Charles Cox, president of Cox Concessions, the company coordinating vendors at the Chow Wagon and other festival events, said, "There's nothing you can do about the weather. We hope that everyone (the vendors) at least breaks even. We should have the best three nights (of the festival) ahead of us."

Cox and Mike Berry, president and chief executive officer of the festival, would not disclose the terms of the one year contact with Cox Concessions. But Cox said his company, which receives a percentage of gross "Anadrol 50" revenue from a majority of the vendors, has guaranteed the festival a minimum payment.

"It should be fine, and I don't think we will lose any big money," Cox said.

Bill Linnig, whose family operates a popular fish restaurant in southwest Jefferson County, said Chow Wagon business was "a Masteron Subq little slow." This is the "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" second year that the Linnigs have had a Chow Wagon stand. "We're hoping for a good last three days. We probably will be back next year."

Business seemed especially slow at a stand selling sunglasses, manned by Jim Cline. He said he signed up with the Derby Festival six months ago to work the Chow Wagon, returning for about the "Anaboliset Aineet" 10th year.

Cline said he paid the festival about $1,000 for the right to sell at the event. He said he sold about 1,000 pairs of sunglasses last year, compared with about 100 this year.

"I made money last year, but I will lose money this year," Cline said. "But you have to take the good with the bad, and I'll probably be back next year."

Luke Edwards of Mansfield, Ohio, had the ill fortune of staffing an Icee crushed ice drink stand. "You have to make hay, when the sun shines. Unfortunately, it's not shining," he said, "Anaboliset Aineet" adding that "people are cold to the bone."

Phil Bills of Louisville was waiting for about 20 friends he expected Sustanon 250 Dbol First Cycle to show up to eat lunch together. He said the group had been meeting for lunch at the Chow Wagon for 34 straight years on the afternoon of the Great Steamboat Race, which has Methenolone Enanthate Para Que Sirve been postponed to late June because of high water. "We "buy cheap jintropin online" aren't going to let the postponement of the race, or the weather interfere with our plans," Bills said.

Festival spokeswoman Aimee Boyd noted that the festival hasn't heard any major complaints from vendors.

But the weather and flooding have put a crimp in the festival schedule. In addition to the postponement of the boat rate, at least seven other events were moved, postponed or canceled. And only about one third of the normal crowd turned out on a cold, damp day for Thunder Over Louisville.

Still, Boyd noted that large crowds attended two balloon events and that the two foot races had huge turnouts last Saturday. Tickets to the Pegasus Parade Thursday are nearly sold out.

Berry said about 85 percent of the festival's $6 million annual budget is spent on producing events. About a fifth of the income comes from the sale of Pegasus Pins, and Berry acknowledged that pin sales are off at least slightly so far this year.

The festival has traditionally not disclosed how much money event sponsors put up, and Berry said it's too early to tell how most of the sponsors have fared. He said sponsors usually cover nearly half the cost of staging the more than 70 festival events. He acknowledged that the festival lost money on Thunder, which had four major corporate sponsors, but he added that "we always lose money on Thunder."